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The Ozone Lounge


Important information you may want to know about an Infrared Ozone Sauna Session


Is there anything I should do before the session?

  • Be well hydrated - drink plenty of water before and after your ozone session. 

  • It is best not to wear any body lotion, perfume or deodorant on the day of your treatment. 


What should I wear in the steam sauna?

  • Wear as little clothing as possible - underwear or a costume (bring clean underwear for after your session)

  • We provide a towel for you to use

  • Toxins which have been eliminated from your body will come onto the white towel where you sit.

  • You may want to bring loose fitting clothes to wear after your treatment


How often should one use the Ozone Sauna?


  • Twice a week is recommended to see good results. 

  • The Ozone sauna can be used every second day once you have done a few sessions. 

  • If you are on a detox or weight loss program it is recommended to come in often. This enables your oxygen levels to increase thereby kick starting the metabolic process. In addition, it helps the body to get rid of years of accumulated toxins safely and easily without putting strain on the liver and kidneys.


How long is each treatment?

  • The ozone treatment is 17- 20 minutes.

  • You will need approximately 30 minutes from start to end including dressing and undressing.


  • Someone will be in the room assisting you during the session. You will be monitored throughout the session to assure you are comfortable and safe.


Does ozone help you to detoxify?

Absolutely! Most health problems start with toxins suffocating cells, stopping cells from producing energy and absorbing nutrients. By using Ozone to detox you are preventing sickness and disease.


How is the Ozone Sauna cleaned between clients? 

  • The Ozone Pod is wiped down with hydrochloric acid and distilled water after each client. 

  • Ozone itself kills any form of fungi and bacteria inside of the capsule. 

  • Clean white towels are used for each client. 

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